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wisconsin in the news once more


it's possible you could read that story and shrug, asking what's the big deal? it's not like they hauled the guy off to jail or beat him up or even chopped down his flag pole - right? you could argue the authorities were simply answering the complaints of the wider community and proactively decided that, on a patriotic holiday, maybe they'd defuse a situation to prevent anyone from taking matters over the line.
which is, i'm sorry, fuckin' bullshit.
where is the law that says you have a right not to be offended by someone else's opinion? this guy is trying to express his dissatisfaction with the way he's being treated by the government - now, you can argue that maybe he should have secured a liquor license before spending $200,000 renovating a business where a liquor license was going to be an integral component of his success plan. you can even argue about whether or not flying the flag upside down is "disrespectful" or "offensive" - and those answer are probably going to be pretty unique to each individual, but you can certainly have that argument if you want.
i don't know this guy. he could very well be a complete dickhead, acting out because he's not getting his way... and the fact the local government doesn't want to grant him this liquor license, well, you could read that as them acting in the best interests of the public. [you could also read it as just another example of small-town politics and an example of what is essentially the corruptive power of governance, shaking down the little guy for bribes and extortion... i'm not sure i want to get into all that.]
but i'd like to know who is actually going to argue it's okay for four public employees, who carry a badge AND A GUN, to show up and just take personal property they or their bosses find offensive - because those badges and those guns carry an implicit statement of force. they're a bullying tactic, just as sending four guys to do something it would only take one person to accomplish. and what's with this "It's none of your business" shit, when someone asks them what the hell it is they're doing? these are public employees, not kings with some divine right of power. and where does this DA get off ordering an action like that, in the first place? "It's illegal to cause a disruption"? what the fuck is that? if it's so fuckin' illegal, why didn't they haul this guy off to jail or cite him, instead of just marching in with guns and badges, and doing whatever the hell they felt like? obviously, it's because they knew their bullshit arguments like "It's illegal to cause a disruption" wouldn't hold up for shit in the court of law, and so they just decided to do whatever the hell they wanted with their guns and their badges to keep anyone from stepping out of line.

why is a goddamned parade so important that we lose sight of the ideals this country is supposed to stand for? so little kids won't ask questions that have difficult answers? is this country so fuckin' afraid of having a discussion that we'd rather just have guys with guns acting as a thought-police to stifle any dissent the majority finds objectionable?
if this story had taken place last year, i'm not sure i would have been as upset - for whatever reason, this is just the kind of thing i got used to hearing about under the george w. bush version of this country. the bastards lied and cheated and stole their way into office, and there were certainly plenty of instances of them trampling on free speech [not to mention human rights] to really cause me much amazement.

but that era is supposed to be over. and this is taking place in wisconsin, which isn't supposed to be a piece of shit ignorant red state. so what the hell is wrong with this country? doesn't this kind of shit make you mad? am i just crazy? what the fuck!
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