udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

epiphany while on hold

i'm not really sure this is an epiphany but i'm enchanted with a particular brand of pen right now - the marathon zebra gel pen, with a medium .07 tip.
wow, is this a nice pen - it's got a wider gauge barrel than a lot of other pens, so it feels more substantial and more comfortable to grip. the ink, like many gel pens, has a nice uniform flow and a vibrant, dark line. we have them here at work in blue, which is an added bonus for me, since it's my favorite color.

why am i writing about this? because i've had to call three different phone numbers so far [and am not done yet... since i just found out i'm going to have to call back, tomorrow, when the only manager who can address my concerns will be available] in order to rent a hotel room for a conference in pittsburgh i'm supposed to attend next month. for a variety of reasons, i can't just use expedia and my own credit card to book a room - which would take about three minutes - so i find myself on hold, again. and since i'm taking notes on all the different rates and booking agents names and hotel codes i'm going to need to refer to, i'm using this pen.
which i really like. and, rather than get upset over the amount of time and effort it's taking me to accomplish such a simple task, i've decided to channel my energies into something positive: like focusing on just how much i really like the pen i'm using.
and who knows? maybe, if you like using pens, you'll be able to take my endorsement of the marathon zebra pen and get some enjoyment out of one, yourself.

failing that, maybe reading this will somehow amuse you in some small way.
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