udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

i guess it isn't just wisconsin in the news

http://theintelligencer.net/page/content.detail/id/526653.html?nav=515  for the [poorly written] local perspective

http://omg.yahoo.com/news/police-in-parker-broderick-case-arraigned-in-ohio/25882?nc for the more sensational national take

i'd heard about the birth and the celebrities appearance locally a couple weeks ago, when one of the local rags ran a profile on one of the cops who served as part of the security detail for the couple when they showed up for the birth - it wasn't a very well-written piece and concerned something that'd taken place weeks earlier, so i didn't really consider it all that newsworthy or even interesting.
when i clicked on the yahoo news story, i didn't have any idea it would be related to this event. to put this all in perspective, i bicycle past these communities whenever i take the bike path that runs along the ohio river. so, i suppose, that in some sense i had a ringside seat to all this and was completely unaware of it until this afternoon.

how refreshing!
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