udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

i'm amused but can't explain why

does anyone else understand why i found this so hilarious? it's a comment from a story on the AVClub about how Harlan Ellison recently settled a lawsuit about the Star Trek script he wrote about 30 years ago... more to the point, can anyone help me EXPLAIN why this is so genius? i can look at this and quite literally giggle at the pure genius of the non sequitur but i'll be damned if i could actually describe why anyone other than a total nerd would find it the least bit amusing, let alone comprehensible.
Subject line: Buy' ngop!

by wIgh

on 23 Oct. 2009 | 1:45 PM CDT

"Ellison qotlh thloy Paramount 'Iw."
reply by Charles Dexter Ward

on 23 Oct. 2009 | 3:28 PM CDT

"In Paramount Studios dead Ellison lies dreaming?"
It's really only when i get to the second, Lovecraftian response that i really crack up but even the initial comment is enough to provide me with a pleasant rush of nerd-identification endorphins...
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