udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

mommas, don't your babied grow up to drink Code Red Mountain Dew

the most hyped up, annoying little shit is sitting two monitors down from me at the library right now, talking to himself while he clicks on some stupid internet videogame site. he's not even sitting in his chair, because that would probably interfere with all the dancing from side-to-side and manic gum-chewing and nonsense scat singing he's murmuring under his breath "nanaBOObookaboo...dingadingaDAH...koomakooey-wahma-flickyfluuuUUUU." for some goddamned reason he's got a small pile of change laying in front of his monitor, which he's alternating between nervously stacking and then flicking over with his pinkie. "errrhn-non-non-non-non-NON!NON!NON...chickachickachicka-wooo...burnaBAHbahhhhaboom."
next to his mouse? a 24oz. bottle of Code Red, 11/12ths of which is already burning through his system. i would have said something to the mom except for A] it looked like she was already at her wit's end with the little bastard B] she was making a half-hearted effort to tone his ass down and C] she had that wasted, dried up meth addict look herself, which makes me wonder if this kid doesn't have a hell of a hard road ahead of him.
still, it's annoying and constantly a mystery to me, how no one in the ohio valley has apparently ever heard of "library manners" - that can't possible just be a wisconsin-thing, can it?
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