udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

i have a question

i'm looking for a story i read as a kid: from what I can remember, this story would have involved a reporter and was told from the perspective of a listener on the other end of a phone or walkie-talkie or radio, listening as the reporter stayed overnight in a haunted house and who wound up being stalked by some squelching, swampy horror.

I think it may have been in one of those young adult anthologies, like the Alfred Hitchcock collections but i can't remember anything more specific than this... except that i remember the story scaring the hell out of me as a little kid.
why am i looking for this story? well, part of my newish job involves doing some direct programing with our clients and the first way i'm doing that is by organizing a book reading club and, with halloween coming up next month, i thought a ghost story or two might be fun. i don't know if this story i'm looking for is in the public domain or how i'd present it to the group even if it is but i'm considering printing off a small pamphlet of public domain stories like The Black Cat, The Monkey's Paw and The Statement of Randolph Carter if i can figure out a way to do that without ruining the copier budget for the month...
i've also been meaning to ask this question: does anyone know where i could go to get 15+ copies of the same book for this reading club? we don't really have any money to spend on this right now, but when i think of how many thousands of copies of books like DUNE or TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD or even pretty much any stephen king or dan brown book are probably laying around in second hand shops and library used book sales waiting to be sold for 25 cents a copy... well, it seems like it shouldn't be as hard as it has been to get our hands on multiple copies of books that have sold millions of editions. right?
unfortunately, i have no real idea how to go about doing this, short of just spending all my pocket change on books i like and hoping i eventually find enough copies of them to pass out to the group. [DUNE, seriously, i've probably picked up at least 10 copies over the years - only problem is, i've bookcrossed a bunch and the rest are all in storage. but i just found a copy at gen-con a couple weeks ago, just laying on top of a trash bin! i've been reading it on and off ever since...]
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