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so there's this metal band called, no shit, Goatwhore and it turns out the local library system actually has one of their albums - i like metal, i love using the library, it's a no-brainer, right?

which is why i've had this CD, "a haunting curse" on hold since late november and, since at least the early weeks of january, been ranked as first in the hold que on the library system. and yet the item, which is usually only checked out for 2-3 weeks at a time, continued to be listed as checked out. i would check to see if the item was available, see that it was checked out, verify my place in the hold que and then wait until the item was supposed to be returned... but, even though i kept moving up through the hold que - and it wasn't a huge list anyhow - the disk was always checked out to someone else. at first i thought i was just misremembering dates or something but the last time this happened [or i thought it did] i wrote the due date down of 2/20/2010 [and i also put another hold request in, just on the off chance my first request had somehow gotten gliched up in the computer.]
well, all last week, the computer card catalog continued to show the CD was still checked out... but the item was listed as overdue and the current due date was still 2/20/2010 - so i just figured whoever had the item had simply not returned it on time and would be racking up the 10 cent a day or whatever in fines, thereby providing them incentive to return the item to circulation and, ultimately, render it on to me for what i can only imagine is some truly hellacious rocking out.
well, then today i visit the site one more and it's now checked out until 3/27/2010. first of all, most CDs in the system aren't checked out for a full month at a time, so that's weird. second of all, i've got the damn thing on hold, so what the fuck?! i decide to call the library from whose collection the disk originates and got to talk to a nice lady named Paula, who clicked a couple keys on her computer and told me that someone has been renewing the item in gross violation of the computer prompts that tell anyone using the system "Cannot renew - item on hold" - unfortunately, the system also follows that prompt with a question asking whether or not you want to over-ride that denial, which librarians have the power to do. so, clearly, someone has been flouting the rules of the library and paula told me she'd talk to her supervisor about this and see if they couldn't get the matter settled.
because, reading between the lines, i got the impression one of two things was most likely taking place: one, some headbanging stoner checked the disk out, lost it and has been getting a buddy or his mom or whoever he knows at the library to keep checking it out to him until he can find it and drop the now scratched, muddy and probably useless disk back in the return bin - and that's the charitable assumption.
because my other guess, and the one i'm starting to give more credence to, is that someone on the staff took objection to the library spending tax-payer money on something by someone named GOATWHORE and has been preventing the item from circulating to the general public. paula didn't say anything to support this, and i wasn't so crass as to ask directly, but there was a little "ahhhh-ha" in her voice as she was checking the computer that made me wonder if, maybe, this kind of thing hadn't happened once or twice in the past with some other material someone - maybe the same someone - found objectionable; the fact she mentioned taking it up with her supervisor made this supposition on my part all the stronger.
 i may be patting myself on the back after reading too many comic books but i honestly think i may have just struck a blow for freedom and democracy against the vile scourge of censorship and intolerance, and that makes me feel pretty good about myself.
especially since my boss picked today to tell me how much she really liked my ex-wife, which lead to a fairly awkward conversation that had me reliving a bunch of my failures as a person over the last year or so. i don't think my boss was being malicious but it didn't make the conversation any more enjoyable. plus, i just noticed there's a small blob of candle wax on my tie - fuckin' A... superheroes shouldn't have to deal with shit like this.
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