udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,


what i can't understand is why no one - especially the fuckin' journalism major quoted in the story - is using the word "censorship" to describe these actions. it's so obvious to me.
and if it was one asshole student, i'd be a lot less upset. but when the coach describes it as the greatest team-building exercise he's ever seen, that's nothing more than organized and officially-sanctioned thuggery. at the very least, it's a form of intimidation but i'd go so far as to say it's not just censorship but an outright attack on the freedom of everyone in that community. "we don't like what you have to say, so we're going to prevent you from saying it." if i was a more hyperbolic person, i'd compare it to murder.
as far as i'm concerned, this coach should be fired and any players with scholarships should lose them. i realize there's absolutely no chance of this happening [especially in a state like texas, where football is basically another religion] but this is an outrage and the administration's protests otherwise are a complete sham.
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