udjibbom (udjibbom) wrote,

awesome-sauce poured over a steaming heap of cuh-razy

- you gotta check this site out.
this guy is fucking nuts but he makes an incredibly inventive case - hell, he makes a series of cases! - to support his central thesis: that stanley kubrick was involved in faking the televised moon landings while he was working on 2001 and altered the story behind stephen king's The Shining while making that film in an attempt to atone for his part in the moon-landing conspiracy.
it's crazy, goofball bullshit... but this dude makes the film his bitch in coming up with symbols and interpretations to support his thesis. and, to be clear: it appears he doesn't believe we've never gone to the moon - he just believes we went to the moon using flying saucers built by the nazis and it wasn't photogenic enough, which required the gubmint to hire kubrick to sex up the images; these kind of distinctions are important.

now, if this was just some guy, handing in a smart-assed college paper for a critical theory class where he was trying to take the piss out of one sort of criticism or another, it'd be one of the best and most subversively entertaining things i'd ever read.
it still is, kinda, but that's leavened with the knowledge the dude seems to really believe the moon-landing was faked, which is just sad.
but, really: awesome job, weird dude on the internet. i'm completely serious in my admiration, too - this completely spanks the last critical paper i read about the film, and i actually liked that one. the part about the lift-off of apollo 11 in the form of the sweater young danny torrance is wearing as he stands up from the carpet is, no joke, fucking brilliant.
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